What’s happening in the NFL?

When free agency started this offseason in the NFL, one of the greatest quarterbacks Peyton Manning was released by the Indianapolis Colts and became a free agent. There were numerous speculations in where he might land, because the Colts were not going to resign him. Three teams: the Broncos, Titans, and 49ers were the top teams that were in play for him and he worked out for all of them. After debate on where he might land, he settled with a 5-year deal for $96 million with the Denver Broncos.

This then started a domino effect, because the highly popular Tim Tebow, who took the NFL by storm since his rookie year was the starting quarterback for them last year. He led them to the playoffs and they beat the heavily favored Pittsburgh Steelers in the first round. Then, they lost to the second best team last season: the New England Patriots.

The Broncos were going to trade Tim, but the only question was what team was going to land him? The Jacksonville Jaguars became the favorite, because that is where he is from and he talked about wanting to play in Florida again. Jacksonville though just drafted a quarterback in last years draft with there first pick, so the next team that came into play was the New York Jets.

He was traded to the Jets, but they have Mark Sanchez who is the franchise quarterback, so that means Tim will play the back up role for his new team. Going from starting for a playoff team to now a backup for a team that didn’t make the playoffs is going to be a big change for Tim Tebow. However, it seems like Tim is looking forward to his new team. In his press conference he said that he was “Excited” over 40 times and that he is looking forward to this new experience. We will all have to keep a close eye on Tim and how he will adapt to his new team and his new role. Knowing the way that Tim is and how he loves to bring energy and competitiveness anywhere he goes, I am sure that he will fit in nicely to his new digs and he will do all he can to help get the Jets a Super Bowl ring.  

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