What do girls need to understand about guys?

Junior Justin Molfese

“Girls try to read into what we say and do way too much.”


First-year Michael Leather

“Something as simple as a girl’s smile can really make a guy’s day.”


 Junior David Wadleigh  

“That (guys) can actually do stuff like cooking and cleaning.”


Sophomore Austin Martin

“Although we don’t express emotion, it’s still there. Like, if a girl is upset, a guy will try and come up with a solution instead of sharing emotions. It doesn’t mean that we’re insensitive.”    


Sophomore Warren Bowman

“That we like to cuddle too.”


Junior Ian Zacharias 

“Girls don’t understand ‘Guy Time.'”


Sophomore Terron Adkins

“I’d say we don’t always understand their actions or what they say sometimes. Some girls expect us to understand everything they do, but we don’t sometimes.” 

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