What boils my egg

 As I write this in my living quarters, with my bifocals on and my bubble pipe in hand, I contemplated my life at home.

I remembered playing in the streets with some of the kids from the block, and hearing parents yell at us to “go home and stop making so much noise.” Good for those parents, because the noise is slowly disappearing…


You know what really boils my egg? 


Overprotective parents. And I do not mean the parents who force their children to eat vegetables or drink milk. I am referring to the parents who have stepped too far into a child’s life to ruin their creativity.


I was walking through the mall the other day and I noticed a man walking a small dog. 


My immediate thought was, “Wow. I did not know animals were allowed in here!” 


Then I noticed the dog oddly resembled a small boy with brown hair. I put the pieces together and realized that this was, in fact, a toddler. On a leash.


When have children become less than humans? Suddenly there was an outcry of kids not getting enough exercise, and yet, out of fear, these same parents will not let them out of their house. 


It is time to take a few more “risks” and let the kids be kids. Let them return to building their own imagination. It is time to cut the cord.


Consider this egg: boiled.

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