What boils my egg

There seems to be plenty of drama floating around the late night television shows. Audiences are torn between who they wish to support on the battlefield of ratings. From the very start of the situation, I knew whose side I was on …

You know what really boils my egg?

Jay Leno. The man with the chin that resembles a backside of a baboon. The man who knew full well that, when switching his time slot, his ratings would not be as strong as they once were, and now feels the need to interfere with someone’s happiness to get what he wants.
Did he honestly think that, by switching to 10 p.m. all of his previous viewers would follow? Humph. Such is the mind of a mediocre personality. Correction: a mediocre, selfish personality.

Now he was offered to move back to his old time slot, and therefore crushing everyone else on the network in his path. How dare he treat the others like second-class citizens, especially Conan O’Brien.

Because of his self-interested ways, he twisted the arms of Conan and essentially removed one of the funniest men on television.

Yes, NBC has reached an all-new low by backing up one of the lamest personalities. But that is all right. For wherever Conan goes, I go. Have fun with your cheesy monologues and forced audience laughter, Jay.

Consider this egg: boiled.

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