Watchmen Prayer Ministry


Eastern students are experiencing the power of prayer in a new light and seeking to fulfill God’s will in a rewarding and honorable way. Using the message and call for a new and restored Jerusalem in Isaiah 62:6-7 as their guide, the Watchmen Prayer Ministry meets every Tuesday night at 9 p.m. in the Walton Prayer Chapel. Partnering with Christ through prayer and forming a close fellowship with one another, Watchmen ministries begins each meeting with a discussion and explanation of a given topic that will serve as the focus for that night’s prayer. Topics usually vary from worldwide issues, such as political news and support for missionaries, to personal prayer requests and prayer for the university itself.

The group is then led in worship to guide everyone’s focus and prepare their hearts before prayer and Scripture readings begins. With alternating periods of worship and prayer, the group is given a focused, yet diverse experience of various topics allowing them to grow closer to Christ and each other in the process.

In addition to the Tuesday night meetings, the Watchmen Prayer Ministry has organized various events to help spread the word and help other students participate in the fellowship. Last semester, the group did a morning sunrise service on the beach, and this semester, they enjoyed a message from Chancellor Dr. Chris Hall at a special educational event.

Before the year ends, students can look forward to Watchmen’s involvement in another “Conquer the Night” event on March 18, as well as another sunrise service.

Senior Alexis Dunbar has been helping to lead and sustain the group since Spring 2010. “We want to be a community of intercessors” she said. “We’re joining with each other and at the same time with Christ to see the Kingdom of God and to see His Will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

Although the group has come and gone from Eastern’s campus in the past, Dunbar hopes that Watchmen will make a lasting impact and continue to draw others towards the gospel and the power of prayer. “I consider it an honor to pray, and my hope is that others will know that this is a place where you can come to join with other believers to just pray and seek the Lord,” Dunbar said.

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