This night, though simple and ordinary, held purpose for the nomad in me. This nomad had been traveling all day and most of the night and found its bed in an open field covered with miles of grass. There were massive white clouds that seemed to linger just above the earth, wrapping the night sky in their arms. They blinded me from whatever bliss was hidden beyond anyone’s capability of reaching, into the mystery of a thing called space. Breaks in the clouds revealed clusters of stars that glittered finely in the dark sky like wimpy candles about to take their last breath. The blackness held up the stars as they shined before the world for the One who stuck them there, for they were not afraid to shine, not even a little. The one great eye of the sky looked upon this planet as if someone was watching over all its inhabitants, protecting us. All of the questions in the world seemed to fade away as a strong yet soft-hearted voice whispered, “I am with you.” Though I was alone, I felt very much held by the arms of a Friend. Of a Father. I shut my eyes and drifted to sleep, awaiting yet another day which held a long and exhausting journey. All the steps I would take would fatigue and wound me. However, every step made me closer to the Treasure than before. Every step turned the blisters on my battered feet to calluses; each step would soon be worth it. I have never been sure what I am looking for, but I know I am traveling towards Something, and that is enough to give me the strength to continue one day more as a wanderer.

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