Waltonian poll suggests most students think poker should be permitted

On Friday, September 23, Waltonian staffers asked 143 students passing through Walton Hall to answer the question, “Should the playing of poker ever be permitted on the Eastern campus?” Here are their responses:

46 %- Yes, with no restrictions

17 %- Yes, with some restrictions about money

26 %- Yes, but only when no money is involved

3 % – No, never

8 %- Don’t care/Unsure

The poll included 43 percent men and 57 percent women, and 76 percent residents and percent commuters. As the college is made up of about 65 percent women and 35 percent men, and about the same ratio of residents to commuters, both women and, especially, commuters were underrepresented.

The men preferred less restrictive answers than the women: 53 percent believed there should be no restrictions on poker, compared to 41 percent of women.

Conversely, the commuters preferred the less restrictive answers compared to the residents. 42 percent of residents chose the no-restrictions option, while 60 percent of commuters did. As women and commuters are both underrepresented by the survey, the effects of the lack of their differing responses may work to approximately cancel each other out.

Three faculty/administration responses were recorded as well. This was too few to suggest any conclusion about faculty opinion, but all three respondents believed poker should be permitted only when no money is involved.

Information compiled and analyzed by Ben Carr.

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