Wake up, get dressed!

It might not be intentional, but when students show up to class wearing pajamas or fuzzy slippers or flip-flops, they are being incredibly disrespectful to both their professors and their fellow classmates.

Think for a moment about the kind of impression pajamas make. That student obviously couldn’t be bothered to change out of their sleep clothes, so they probably can’t be bothered to pay attention to the lecture or do their homework either.

Such attire would be very inappropriate for the workplace, and, like it or not, being a student is our job. What do you put in the little blank for your application on your tax forms or credit card application? That’s right: ‘student.’

So while Eastern might not force us to wear suits to class, if you showed up to your job wearing pajama pants or flip-flops, your boss would probably fire you on the spot.

There is absolutely no excuse for showing up to class looking like you just rolled out of bed. A T-shirt and a pair of jeans are just as comfortable as a pair of pajama pants. And honestly, how long does it take you to pull on a pair of pants in the morning? As far as oversleeping goes, that’s what alarm clocks are for. If you can’t wake up to an alarm clock, then find another way to wake yourself up. Saying you slept through your alarm didn’t get you out of trouble in grade school, it won’t work in college and it definitely won’t fly in the corporate world.

We need to hold ourselves to at least a minimum standard of decency when we show up to class. Pajamas, slippers, and flip-flops don’t make the cut.

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