Wake Up Call

Listen close, as I try to change your ideology

By turning words to something you should study like

And honestly, I know I’m not the only person that can see

All of the problems that are in today’s society.

Blindly we’re walking, we should open our eyes

Like an unexpected party, you’re walking into a surprise

Sublime, no I mean subliminally, they’re controlling our minds

Don’t believe me, look at the stars in the Lion King sky.

Not everything’s a coincidence, things happen for a reason

Not believing, yeah that’s a crime, call it treason

Use should use reason, maybe even logic

Stop chasing coins and diamonds, Sonic.

Believe in God, he will show you the way

I couldn’t write a song, unless he told me what to say

I pray, and seek the truth. Educate the youth

The government ain’t doin’ it right, so its up to me and you.

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