Tri-County Concerts series boasts more great classical offerings

For about five years, Eastern has been sponsoring events for the Tri-County Concerts Association.

“Tri-County Concerts Association has been presenting fine chamber music on the Main Line since 1941,” Colleen Bradstreet, administrative assistant for the music department, said.

According to Bradstreet, Eastern sponsors four of these concerts per year: one in the fall semester and three in the spring.

“The series presents young professional musicians who are under national and international management,” the music department’s Ronald Matthews said.

An amusing story lies behind Eastern’s involvement in hosting the concerts.

“I learned of the organization after getting lost trying to find one of their concerts when they were meeting in Devon, PA,” Matthews said. “My sons had won some piano competition awards sponsored by Tri-County, and we almost missed the event because of the location.”

“After the concert I offered Eastern as a possible site for their series,” Matthews continued. “It was a win-win. Eastern got to have a nationally recognized concert series on-campus, and Tri-County got to save some money and enlarge audience options.”

The first concert of the spring, held on February 19, featured the Jung Trio playing Beethoven pieces and Hatzis’ “Old Photographs” on cello, piano and violin.

The next concert will be held on March 12 and will consist of piano pieces played by Matthew Bengtson.

The final concert will be on May 7 and will feature Soyeon Lee on piano.

The concerts are held In McInnis auditorium at 2:30 p.m. Tickets will be sold at the door for $15 or $10 for senior citizens.

“I strongly encourage everyone to attend,” Matthews said. “These are unbelievably great events.”

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