Top 10 places to get food on a Saturday night

Picture this: It’s a late Saturday afternoon, and you and your friends are feeling a little restless. You would like to go eat, but because of the Dining Commons’ hours and the lack of other viable food options on campus, you are left with nowhere to turn but the closest vending machine. That, my friend, is about to change. With this top ten list of places to eat on a Saturday night, you will never go hungry again:

1. Pie in the Sky Pizzeria: Located at 102 E. Lancaster Avenue in Wayne, Pie in the Sky is the perfect location for a quick slice of pizza or some delicious stromboli. With affordable prices, it’s every college student’s dream.

2. Hibachi Japanese Steak House and Sushi: If you have never tried Hibachi before, then there is no time like the present to head down to 240 W. Swedesford Road in Berwyn for some delicious Japanese. Half of the fun is the experience of watching your food prepared right before your eyes! However, Hibachi Japanese Steak House and Sushi is not as easy on the wallet as it is on your eyes, and it might be wise to call for a reservation: 610-296-4028.

3. King of Prussia Mall: Located a convenient ten minutes from campus, the KOP Mall hosts a wide variety of food courts and restaurants. Restaurants from the Cheesecake Factory to Taco Bell can all be found within a few steps.

4. WaWa: This would not be a top ten list of places to eat if WaWa was not on it. A tried and true classic, WaWa can claim bragging rights to a great sub, hoagie, grinder, etc. Whatever you want to call it, they will make it, and they will make it well. WaWa is great for late night snack runs and anytime you are on the go.

5. Cosi’s: Really, what more could you ask for? Located only a few miles from campus, Cosi’s is a great place to chat with friends. With relatively cheap food and a relaxed eat-in atmosphere, it is a perfect place to spend your dinner money.

6. Minella’s: Another classic for college students is Minella’s Diner, conveniently located in Wayne. It is perfect for those “breakfast dinners” that are sometimes craved. Open 24 hours, this proves to be an old standby.

7. Campus Corner: For those who do not have cars at Eastern, Campus Corner is a wonderful place to order in from. Its food, from ice cream to pizza, is all available until 2 a.m. on Saturdays. Visit their website at for full menu details.

8. Domino’s: With great specials and low prices, Domino’s is also a wonderful place to order in from. Visit

9. Ho Choi Chinese Take Out: When you’re just too lazy to go out, this Chinese restaurant will satisfy your hunger with large portions and low prices. Call 610-520-2001.

10. Gryphon Café: With live music on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays at 9 p.m., the Gryphon is a local favorite among Eastern students. With a health-conscious menu and wonderful drink selections, you cannot go wrong. Visit for more information.

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