Top 10 lists for first-years

We all need a little guidance sometimes, and the Waltonian staff is more than willing to guide the incoming class. Look below for four different “Top 10” lists that we have compiled just for you. Hopefully they will come in handy as the year goes on, as well as throughout your college career.

Ten names to be familiar with on campus:

1. Dr. Black, President
2. Dr. Hall, Chancellor
3. Bettie Ann Brigham, Vice President for Student Development
4. Daryl Hawkins, Dean of Students
5. Andrew Horvath, Director Service Learning and Campus Ministries
6. Joe Modica, University Chaplain
7. Mimi Van Bueren, E-Card Extraordinaire
8. Jackie Irving, Career Counselor
9. Shane Claiborne, Alum and founder of The Simple Way
10. Rev. Tony Campolo, Professor Emeritus

Picturesque sites on and around campus:

1. Waterwheel. It is just pretty and one of the most photographed waterwheels in the country. Besides, it’s been restored.

2. Path behind Doane. It is a beautiful shortcut to Wayne.

3. Gateway cottage patio. You get to see the beautiful lake from a better angle.

4. Walton steps. It is definitely one of the prettiest sites on campus. It overlooks the human-heart shaped pond and the gorgeous stone path.

5. Bench by the pond under the weeping willow. You can’t feed the waterfowl, but the spot definitely feeds you with a calm and soothing ambiance.

6. The Planetarium. It was named the “Best Place to Ponder the Heavens” by Main Line Today Magazine in 2009.

7. Prayer chapel in Walton. It used to be the game room for the Waltons, but now it is a beautiful, quiet chapel with a piano in it.

8. The creek behind Kea. It is the best place to go read or just to have fun with your friends.

9. The pond near Kea. The pond is soothing during the summer, but in the winter it becomes an ice-skater’s paradise.

10. Gazebo. Located between Doane and Walton is this little shelter for you to relax in.

Ten things you don’t think you need but you do:

1. Photos of family/friends. Whether you are 5 0r 5000 miles away from home, pictures of your loved ones help you to cherish your precious moments and also decorates your barren wall. Trust us: you will be homesick.

2. Ethernet cords. Wireless is great when it is exists, but when it decides to give up on us, which does happen, your ethernet cord should be there to save the day.

3. Tissues. For allergies and also because Mom said so!

4. Enough underwear/socks to last a month. Although you will have a laundry room very close to your room, you will not do yours regularly, believe me.

5. Envelopes/stamps. Even though you don’t plan on writing letters, you somehow end up needing envelopes and stamps. It’s a mystery…


6. Brita. It is smarter to get a Brita than to buy bottled water because you save your money and there will be less plastic bottles floating around.

7. Storage Boxes. This is especially true for those of you who pack way more than is necessary.

8. Silverware, or else you ending up, “borrowing” from the dinning commons, and we all know that borrowing without the owner’s knowledge is not polite.

9. Cups, plates and bowls. While it might be easy to sneak out a fork, it’s more difficult with cups, plates and bowls. Three meals from the dining commons, plus snack time with your buddies is a huge part of college life.

10. Air freshener. It might be the dirty pair of socks, or the food you burnt, or just you, but an air freshener does the magic of making your room smell like heaven.

Ten things you should have in your closet:

1. Eastern shirts or sweats.
2. Scarves because Fall is coming!
3. A trench coat is a must for this season
4. Ankle-length boots for the ladies
5. Cute hats for both genders
6. Polka-dots
7. Clutch for ladies
8. Fall colors
9. Stripes
10. Cardigans

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