Too loud for a library

As I walk around Warner library, I am absolutely appalled by some of the things I see and hear. Students chit-chatting on the sofas or screaming about the printers are creating the problems for busy, hard working students.

Students want to come to a nice, quiet setting where they can fully concentrate and be engaged in their heavy workload. Well, if you want that kind of a setting, you should probably unpack your book bag and stay in your room, because the library is not a place where you can concentrate.

There are a few things about Eastern’s library that I have grown to despise. Sometimes, I have been in the library when professors were having meetings with multiple students. This doesn’t cause anything but a distraction for students who are there to study.  

Yes, there are many disrespectful students as well, and yes, many of these students are our athletes who are forced to be there due to mandatory study hall. This study hall is located on the top floor of the library. This floor is not big enough for all these people to study successfully and quietly.

There are study rooms, but they can only fit four to six people. There is simply not enough space to fulfill the student body’s needs.

There is a simple solution for this problem: A study hall room designated for our athletes where they can get the help they need, socialize if need be, and still progress in their studies. Maybe we should designate rooms downstairs assigned strictly for sports teams that have study hall.

I’m in the library every night and have only heard one library administrator address people for being rude on one occasion.

I think the administrators in the library have a duty to quiet down the ones making it noisy. They should designate times where they can walk around the library and make sure everything is quiet.

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