this institution

This school is full of crap. You teach Christian values to be used by students in their professional and personal lives, but the school does not follow their own teachings when they see it fit.. This institution purposefully leaves loopholes in the rules so that they may be manipulated by the institution to their benefit. Very Christian if you ask me.(that was sarcasm) The members of the institution do not hold up to the word they give. They are more concerned by financial gain than the welfare of the students. At the first chance, they chose a viewpoint that implicates students for the school’s misconducts.. I will not give my name for FEAR of reprisal from the institution because though they reassure that I may say what I want, there is a chance that they may say this is some form of a threat. I would transfer except classes like inst 150 are a joke to real schools and I would be set back nearly a whole academic semester and I cant afford that.

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