The Primaries

Mitt Romney

Born in Bloomfield Hill, Michigan. His father, George W. Romney, was Governor of Michigan.

Romney is a Mormon and attended Brigham Young University in Utah.

Romney used to be a missionary in France, where a severe car accident sent him back to the United States.

In the 2012 Republican race, he has been criticized for his cofounding of Bain Capital, a private equity firm, and questioned on how many jobs the company exactly created.


Newt Gingrich

Born to a teenager in southern-central Pennsylvania.

He never enlisted during Vietnam War and was never drafted. He regretted the decision to not enlist.

He is known for the “Contract with America,” which gave ten policies upon which Republicans promised to vote within the first 100 days of the new Congress.

In the 2012 Republican Race, Gingrich has been criticized for his numerous divorces, but since the South Carolina debate Gingrich has downplayed the issue.


Ron Paul

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His father owned a dairy company.

He is known for his libertarian ideals, which run counter to the usual Republican party platform.

Rand Paul, his son, is serving as a Representative in the House for the state of Kentucky, making the Pauls the first father-and-son Congressional duo.

In the 2012 Republican race, Paul has been criticized for his foreign policy positions, including his opposition of the Iraq war in 2003.


Rick Santorum

Born in Winchester, West Virginia. He is nicknamed “Rooster” for his cowlick and his confrontational nature.

He is known for his socially conservative ideals, strongly opposing same-sex marriage.

Santorum supports the war on terror and agrees with the Bush doctrine on foreign policy.

In the 2012 Republican Race, Santorum lagged in the polls until the Iowa caucuses, when he received the endorsement of a number of evangelical leaders.




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