The Issue: Talking Politics

November 6th is the day we’ve all been waiting for; a time to finally be able to physically show our voice in the development of our nation. For months we have talked, yelled, debated, and discussed every angle possible in this election, but that is all coming to a close in just a few short days. But as we look back at all that was said, how effective was our political blabbering? Did we waste our breath or did we actually pose things that would make a difference? Odds are, people only hear what they want to hear, however, that should never stop us from voicing our opinions.

Words make up nearly all of our communication to others on a daily basis: you are more likely to speak then to use sign language or write a note.

Many times we take for granted just how easily we can talk, and this leads to some messy situations, especially where politics is concerned. But no one ever said standing up for something would be easy, so I write this today to encourage you to stand proud, and speak your mind at whatever the cost.

There’s this thing called free will, and with that we as individuals listen and decide for ourselves what we will and will not believe. And if I want to tell you what I believe, you have the free will to listen or walk away. Either way, I have a responsibility to share my ideas and opinions with the world, and listen to the world in return. This doesn’t mean I will change my mind, or be influenced wrongly. I’m just broadening my knowledge.

In Proverbs 19:20, it is written, “Listen to advice and accept instruction, and in the end you will be wise” (NIV). By closing our minds to other’s thoughts and ideas, we are welcoming stupidity and foolishness right into our hearts. We should spend time listening to others, and formulating our ideas and facts in order to give an answer for what we believe. This includes even politics, but must go beyond our fleshly opinions and hold true value. Anyone can say they don’t approve of a candidate because of his or her attitude or hairstyle, but it takes true intellect to proceed into a conversation with the real facts about the policies and promises politicians make in order to prove a point.

The Lord has created you with a voice in which He desires you use it, however, words are not meant to be thoughtless. Gain wisdom by hearing what others have to say, and in turn, present arguments that can continue to enhance this cycle.

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