The issue: eBooks

Kindle, Nook, iPad, Tablets, eBooks — these words may sound like baby talk, but the newest and most advanced way to read books nowadays is no laughing matter. eBooks are digital books that can be viewed on a variety of devices and are beginning to rival the printed book. Many companies are expanding their technological products to accommodate the recent surge in eBook sales. Bookworms all over the globe love the new product, especially if it has internet access. While some argue that nothing will ever be able to replace a good, old hard-copied book, others are warming up to the idea of a different way of reading.

Arguably the most prominent reason eBooks are all the rage is the simple mantra, “go green.” Today’s world is obsessed with saving the environment by limiting the reduction of trees and being eco-friendly. What better way to save the trees then use a device that never requires paper or ink!

Additionally, eBooks reduce the amount we need to drive. No longer will a reader need to take a trip out to get a book. Every book imaginable is ready to download on the device.

Also, with the reduced costs of printing and materials, eBooks make not only every book in the world accessible at anytime, anywhere, but also at a much more reasonable price. eBooks even provide many free books to users. Furthermore, many devices allow readers to visit participating bookstores and have free access to any book or magazine throughout the store for the duration of the visit. For college students, eBooks mean a cheaper way to rent or buy textbooks.

eBooks also provide the possibility of catering your book to suit your reading style. Is the font too small? Make it bigger! Is the lighting too dim? Turn up the brightness! Need a bolder font? That is available with just the touch of a button! Those who need to study can highlight or bookmark pages for future reference. eBooks can make your reading experience that much more enjoyable. Imagine reading without ever needing those reading glasses ever. Best of all, the eBook machines are small and easy to transport.

For those who are health-conscious, eBooks make the “heavy load” dilemma easier. Many college students are encouraged to make this one-time purchase in order to save themselves from lugging large textbooks around campus. The device is able to carry as many books as a small library, yet weighs no more than a few ounces. Books are no longer a “pain in the back.”

Overall, eBooks have only the best to offer: a more eco-friendly, comfortable, cheaper and more portable reading experience. Whether you need a good read for a long ride, or just want a cozy night at home, eBooks are the perfect solution. Who knows, maybe the next time you read the “Waltonian,” it will be in eBook format!

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