Ten ideas for your new year

1. Get in shape because you know everyone else is.

2. Read that book you’ve been talking about for the past year. I hear The Kite Runner is still on the New York Times best-seller list.

3. Learn something new. You’re in school right? Use that education for something.

4. Do some community service. INST 150 is done so let’s work on some new projects.

5. Spend more time with your family. They miss you, and it’s the least you can do.

6. Pick up a new hobby, a great way to spend time. It’s far more constructive than sitting around watching The Office reruns.

7. Go to an art show or a museum. Salvador Dali is tons of fun.

8. Do something exciting; skydiving and coal walking are feasible options in my book.

9. Eat healthier. Ramen Noodles, Easy Mac and Red Bull are not considered good nutrition.

10. Get out more! The movie theater and the bowling alley are looking less appealing as every weekend goes by.

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