Students share Valentine’s Day plans

With the most romantic day of the year, Feb. 14, slowly arriving, there are students on campus who are anxiously anticipating it and others who are not looking forward to it at all.

Valentine’s Day is not just a day for lovers but also a day for people to show their family and friends that they care. For that reason, junior Alex Jolicoeur made special plans to call his parents to tell them that they are special. Jolicoeur will be conveying his message to his parents over the phone, but there are also people who are planning to make personal visits.

“My friend is giving me a ride to Virginia,” first-year Noelle Tobin said. “I will be seeing my sister there.”

Though some students do not have plans for the big day, they seem pretty excited about it. The questions are what to do, where to go and who to hang out with.

While some are clueless about what they will do, others have made plans ahead of time. Sophomore Carrie Gillen plans to have a banana party with her good friends on campus. “My friends and I are going to get together and make different dishes with bananas,” Gillen said.

Junior Njeri Stevens and her best friend, sophomore Kashane Hutchinson, are planning to go out and exchange candy as a symbol of their strong friendship that started in 2006 when they first met at Eastern.

When it comes to being romantic, students at Eastern do not seem to be slacking. From the homogenous responses “I am surprising him or her,” or, “I am getting surprised,” it seems that most students are unwilling to unveil their plans.

However, some of them shared what they are doing. “I planned a surprise day at the spa Total Serenity for my boyfriend and I,” sophomore India Azzinaro said. “I am so excited, it will be my first massage ever.”

While those who are together rejoice in their love, what do people who are in relationships but don’t have their sweethearts with them do? Such is the case with junior Dan Ison, whose girlfriend is studying abroad in Wales. “I would just be sad,” Ison said. “I would give her a call though.”

The popularity of Valentine’s Day seems to be declining among students. When asked about their plans, there were interesting answers from some students.

“I am going to a party, themed screw Valentine’s Day,” first-year Yera Park said. Perk said she has nothing against the holiday and that she is just doing this because she has no other plans.

This is not the case for others. Sophomore Ashley Hartman is not very fond of the day. “I think love should be steady throughout the year and something like Valentine’s Day takes away the idea of commitment to daily love,” Hartman said.

There are people who are crossing their fingers and getting excited for it, there are others who are anxiously preparing for the day, some know what they are doing and a few of them do not care about the day at all.

So, what are you doing for Valentine’s Day?

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