Student Government Association’s end-of-year report card

With the academic year drawing to a close, students are asking of their government: “What have you been up to this year?”

The Student Government Association is made up of Eastern students who share the goal of bettering the lives of students at Eastern.

According to SGA Executive Board President Timothy Wotring, “This year, SGA consisted of a group of students differing in age, background, and experience. Our common goal was to support the students through bettering their experience at Eastern.”

To do this, elected student representatives met every Monday morning in the Baird Library to raise the concerns of the community and suggest ways of addressing them to student development. SGA also determined which campus clubs to officially recognize, such as The Heart of Africa and the Art and Illustration Club.

In order to assure that their goals were accomplished, SGA’s first event was “The Classic.” There, students on campus had the opportunity to dress up to meet and talk with our Student Government Associations’ members.

SGA wanted to work on improving the Eastern experience, so to continue the semester, it put on Mr. Eastern. In this pageant gentlemen on campus had the chance to strut their stuff and show off their talents in hopes of being given the title, “Mr. Eastern.”

A major overhaul took place in the spring semester when, for various reasons, all of the senior class representatives gave up their positions. To fill these posts, the SGA selected Jonathan Finn (President), Kathryn Glorioso (Vice President), Michelle Gallaher (Secretary) and Vinitha Visuvasam (Treasurer).

“They have done a grand job fundraising for their senior gift,” said Wotring in reference to the new senior representatives.

Although Wotring will not be participating in SGA next year, he made it known that “SGA may not be making sure visible changes, but we are among the students learning and discussing how to make Eastern a place people will be satisfied with when they graduate.” 

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