Student exchange offers new alternative for international studies

Tired of studying on campus, but unable to find a study abroad program to match your major?

With the addition of two new options this summer, Eastern will offer four different student exchange programs to anyone wishing to spend time studying overseas.

“We’ve been looking for exchange programs for majors who have a hard time going abroad,” Vice President for Asian Relations Stephanie MacTavish said.

“When we choose our partners, we want them to develop into deep relationships, not only exchanging students, but also exchanging faculty and some joint research,” she said.

The programs offered by Eastern include exchanges with Women’s Christian College in India, Nanshing College in China, Chaunging in South Korea and Laidlaw in New Zealand.

Through these exchange programs, Eastern students would not be going to a separate program, but would instead be directly intergrated into the international school. Students from the partner schools will also have the opportunity to spend a semester at Eastern.

“It is open to anyone to go, but it is important for students to look and see if they can find classes for their major,” MacTavish said.

For a school to join in a partnership with Eastern, there are certain criteria that must be met.

“Ideally, we like to have a Christian partner, if we can, because faith integration is so important,” MacTavish said.

Other aspects include finding schools that are involved with justice issues in their culture and that have cheaper room and board charges than Eastern so that students can use the extra money to pay for their airfare.

Anyone interested in participating in a student exchange program should contact Stephanie MacTavish at

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