Student designs new ministry to benefit high school aged girls in the Lebanon area

With prom season just around the corner, many high school girls are already looking for the perfect dress. But not all of these girls will be able to make their Cinderella dream come true.

With most dresses costing over $100, junior Angela Houser knows that finances can keep a lot of girls from attending prom.

“My little stepsister and fiance’s sister have borrowed dresses from me,” Houser said.

“If my fiance’s sister hadn’t borrowed a dress from me, she couldn’t have gone [to the prom],” she said.

From this, Houser got the idea to collect dresses to lend to girls who cannot afford to buy dresses for themselves.

She has been praying for God to give her an area of ministry and this is what He has shown her. It is not difficult for her to do and it is needed.

So far Houser’s ministry has only been spread on campus by word of mouth and at this point, seven dresses have been collected. “God has really been providing,” Houser said.

The dresses are intended for girls in the Lebanon area where Houser is from. She is working with Youth For Christ, Lebanon County Christian Ministry and Lebanon High School to distribute the dresses.

Houser is using a room in her grandmother’s house to store the dresses and plans to have the girls come to look at the dresses and try them on. At this point she is only lending the gowns out; however, her hope is to eventually give them away.

Houser is collecting the dresses through the end of the semester and will use the summer to organize what she has. However, she will not refuse gowns after the semester is over.

Houser can be contacted by email at or room extension 5254.

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