Student Center Built in Inconvenient Location

Have you recently tried to park in the West Campus parking lot? Wondering what that large building is that is preventing you from doing so?

The Student Center has finally been built, and will hopefully enhance the student experience at Eastern. Here, students will be able to eat meals, study in groups in quiet rooms, and get a delicious cup of coffee.

Student Development prayed and prayed and was blessed with the final needed donation from an anonymous donor. The completed funding allowed for the Student Center to actually be built. However with limited time to plan and only one week to build it, the Student Center has been built in a different location from the original plans.

With no time to prepare a new field for the softball team, so the new building had to be built off of the main campus.

The new building features 10 quiet study rooms which have been designed to increase concentration and calmness. There is also a two-floor dining commons, using a chute and ladder to maneuver between floors, to accommodate for a growing student population. This modern dining facility will have top-of-the-line professional kitchens where a variety of international cuisine will be prepared, such as Latin American food, Russian cuisine, and delicacies from the Aborigines. In addition, there is a soup and salad bar with increased options, the grill will now feature assortments of veggie options, the sandwich line will include creative menu options, and a cereal bar with 20 kinds to choose from. The coffee shop will offer freshly baked goods to be paired with a greater variety of drinks.

The Student Center will be replacing the Walton Hall dining commons and Jammin’ Java beginning next fall.

Eastern Security will be installing a new shuttle system, operating between 3 a.m. – 5 a.m. and 8 p.m. – 9 p.m., to transport students to and from the new Student Center. Additional hours are in the hopes of being added in the future.

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