Steroids stir up controversy in world of sports

In the recent congressional hearing MBA players have been called on to add their take on the use of steroids in baseball. Many of these athletes, who may be beloved as heroes, dodged questions posed to them during the hearing.

According to a recent article written on, Dr. Gary Wadler, an NYU School of Medicine professor and author of Drugs and The Athlete, says that many athletes are tempted by steroids’ benefits.

“Although there are many types of steroids with varying degrees of anabolic and androgenic properties, it’s the anabolic property of steroids that lures athletes. They take them to primarily increase muscle mass and strength,” Wadler said.

Senior Nate Stutzman, a well-rounded athlete, agrees.

“It is a shame that these allegations will affect our views on some of the most influential athletes of our day; however, straightening this out will provide an equal playing field to the athletes of our future,” Stutzman said.

As far as the government’s initiative in the scandal, Stutzman believes that the use of steroids needs to be investigated in the world of sports.

“I am concerned that the government is attacking all athletes as users of steroids and that even the steroid users are getting preferential treatment because of their celebrity status,” Stutzman said.

“[The steriod users] are wrong,” said Matt Nadelhoffer, head coach of the men’s basketball team.

“I am a huge baseball fan and I believe that the use of steroids has tainted the game. You can get strong and become as good of an athlete by working hard in the weight room,” he argued. “In the end you are cheating yourself.”

Nadelhoffer, like Stutzman, believes in an “equal playing field” for athletes. However, the coach does not believe that his own team’s equality is in danger.

“I don’t think there is really anything going on at the college level, particularly here at Eastern,” Nadelhoffer said. “However, if someone on my team rapidly put on 40 pounds, there would be need for concern.”

The drug: a quick overview

-Steroids produce an overabundance of testosterone to the body to develop muscles at a rapid pace.

-Anabolic steroids, the most commonly used and tested performance enhancers in question, increase the body’s production of testosterone.

-Anabolic steroids help athletes retain the much needed dietary protein essential in muscle development.

-The word steroid originates from the Greek word meaning “to build.”

-Steroids come in oral form and water-soluble injection.

-Side effects may include: Men: liver damage, reduced sperm count, impotence, breast development and testicle shrinkage

Women: facial hair growth, changes in menstrual cycles and a deepened voice

-Both genders may also experience acne, bloating, rapid weight gain, heart attacks and strokes. Sources:

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