Stereotypical Spring Breaks

When one hears the term “Spring Break,” the images that typically come to mind are “Girls Gone Wild,” Cancun and Miami. This break is a time that college students use to have fun and let loose from all the pressure of studying and school. In order to relax, many students choose to spend Spring Break week drinking, bungee-jumping and starring in videos that later get streamed online.

However, an alternative could be to do something spontaneous that one wouldn’t normally be able to do while school is in session – like taking a road trip or flying somewhere spur of the moment. Spring Break could also be a time to build a house, organize a community event or go on a missions trip. I understand that the purpose of this week is to take a break from rigorous schedules. Every student wants to relax and enjoy himself or herself. Why don’t you do something different this year? Spring Break could be a time for you to be productive or to give back to society, rather than getting that piercing or tattoo you will regret in ten years! 

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