Spring ahead

The buzz word for this year’s women’s tennis team is “first.” This is the first year that the team is playing in the spring while in years past it has played out its season in the fall.

Following the footsteps of the men’s tennis team, the women’s team will also travel on a Spring Break trip.

According to head coach Mark Spangler, the women’s tennis team will be traveling to Hilton Head, S.C. for pre-season training and several matches against other schools participating in the Spring Break Tennis event.

“It is also a great opportunity for the team to gel as a group,” Spangler said in a phone interview.

As it is the team’s first time playing in the spring, things may feel like expectations for the team’s success have changed. However, Spangler assures that the goal for women’s tennis remains the same.

“We’re striving for excellence in all we do to glorify God,” Spangler said. “This (goal) goes hand-in-hand with being successful and winning a conference championship.”

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