South Street

By Jezerey Weiderman

South Street is one of those places that is rarely found empty.

Although it stretches from West to South Philadelphia, when people say they are going to South Street, they mean the strip between from 8th to 2nd Streets.

There they will find a tourist attraction combined with a local hangout spot.

South Street offers a variety of stores to choose from to fit everyone’s style and flavor.

Those into hip hop culture and clothing can check out stores like City Blue at 6th and South or Net at 5th and South.

To say something outrageous without speaking, check out one of three novelty t-shirt stores, thrown amidst a punk rock scenery of stores and multiple bangle, earring and sunglasses places.

There are two tattoo and piercing venues, and isneaker fiends should know that South Street has them covered with name-branded locations like Nike, Reebok and Adidas.

There’s Sneaker Phreaks Boutique for the uniquely styled shopper, located at 623 South Street, and the typical Foot Locker and Olympia Sports.

There are many different styles of food to choose from, including Greek, Italian, Chinese or the regular cheesesteak spots. For dessert, you can choose from coffee at Starbucks or the local Bean CafĂ©, ice cream at Dairy Queen and water ice at Rita’s.

A trip to South Street will cost about $5 in gas, for each of a group of friends and another $5 or $10 in food. The round-trip train ticket costs $7.50, plus another $2 for subway tokens. The better option is to drive with friends.

Restaurant reviews

South Street cheesesteaks: The shops you may not have tried yet.

Steaks on South

Relatively new to the business, Steaks on South provides a relaxed dining experience with above average cheesesteaks. It is clear that they know what they’re doing, and that they’re from Philadelphia, from the way they melt the cheese on the steak while it’s still on the grill. The steaks taste good but are not impressive enough to rank them with the big boys in Philly. They are a little bit above the average price at $6.50 each.

Ishkabibble Eatery

For $6.50, you can enjoy a steaming hot cheesesteak from Ishkabibble Eatery. While other cheesesteaks from places like Steaks on South and Lickety Split come out small and take forever to make, Ishkabibble Eatery makes their cheesesteaks large and in a timely manner. Ishkabibble’s is quick and heavenly to the lips.

Lickety Split

Lickety Split primarily serves pizza, but also serves cheesesteaks. They only cost $6, and the service is relatively quick. A cheesesteak from Lickety Split is maybe two inches shorter than those in other places found on South Street.

The cheesesteak itself is both delightful and filling, with hot meat and fresh bread.

Reviews written by Alex Long, A&E editor, Amanda Thau, staff writer; and Vicki Gosselin, photographer.

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