Source Code boggles the brain

There are not many suspenseful movies that leave you laughing. However, “Source Code” kept me intrigued with every twist, turn and mind boggling sequence of events. “Source Code” is a breath-taking, perspective-changing movie that is worth every penny.

Captain Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal), also is known as Sean in the “Source Code” (alternate form of reality), is a half-dead helicopter pilot who served in Afghanistan. The government uses Captain Steven’s brain in this alternate realm of society in order to find out who bombed a train in Chicago and catch the bomber before he strikes again.

Time and time again, Captain Stevens fails and is found in some dark place receiving advice from his commander, Sergeant Goodwin (Vera Farmiga). Waking up on a train every time, Captain Stevens is given eight minutes to go back and pick up clues before he is killed by the bomb and sent back to talk with Sergeant Goodwin again.

During his time on the train, Captain Stevens tries to makes the best out of the situation and falls for his friend Christina (Michelle Monaghan). With a haunted past, Captain Stevens tries to cope with his feelings for his father, being exhausted from pushing through different realities, stopping a terrorist and reporting him to the government.

“Source Code” is a movie that will boggle your brain and leave you wanting something more. After viewing “Source Code,” I spent another hour thinking, talking and trying to put all the pieces of the movie together.

This is not your ordinary action film. It enables you to piece together clues and to try and focus on the bigger picture. For anyone who is bored on a Friday night and wants to be bedazzled, “Source Code” is a perfect choice.

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