Sophomore class president steps down

SGA sophomore president Shannen Shadel recently resigned her post in order to pursue a career in the Army Reserves.

“It’s a personal decision, and I want to be involved with something bigger than myself,” she said. She has always expressed support for the armed forces.

She made her announcement on December 5 at the SGA’s final meeting this semester. Deciding who would take over Shadel’s position was a difficult task.

Normally, the senator who received the most votes in the election would be given the position. However, the results from last May’s election were lost.

Senators Robert Caruso and Emily Pfizenmayer both vied for the position at first. Pfizenmayer eventually conceded, making Caruso the new sophomore class president, effective next semester.

“I have all faith and confidence in Rob Caruso, and there was no need to pursue it,” Pfizenmayer said.

She said she felt that conceding would be the best and easiest solution.

“We’re happy the situation has resolved itself,” Caruso said. He will be working on some new initiatives for next semester.

Because Caruso is moving up, several openings for representative positions will become available.

Shadel will head to Fort Jackson, South Carolina, on January 31 for training. She will then go to Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

“I am going to miss things with friends, but I’m not really worried because I’ll be back next fall,” she said.

Junior representative Josh Meyer said the SGA will miss Shadel.

“Some people are cynical about what SGA can do, but Shannen was ambitious about the amount of change that SGA can have,” he said.

Caruso said SGA also supported Shadel in her decision.

“We wish Shannen the best, and we have nothing but the deepest gratitude for the armed forces and what she’s going to do,” he said.

Shadel is looking forward to her time in the military, and is optimistic about her future.

“Hopefully it will be the experience I hope it will be,” she said.

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