Shane Claiborne returns to Eastern in search of social justice

On October 10, Eastern graduate Shane Claiborne, ‘97, returned to his Alma Mater advocating social justice. The Christian activist took to the stage at the East Falls Center to answer questions about social justice.

One of the biggest names in the fight for social equality, Claiborne is the founder of The Simple Way, an organization that seeks to create and foster faith-based communities and programs in Philadelphia and around the world. The goal is to spread the gospel of a kind, loving and living God to the


After graduating from Eastern, Claiborne studied at Princeton Seminary and spent ten weeks in Calcutta with Mother Theresa, whom he credits as inspiration for the loving nature of his ministries. Claiborne has also spoken and worked in churches across the country, building and developing his ministry with the purpose of preaching social justice.

While in Baghdad, Claiborne witnessed first-hand the devastation of war and ministered to both soldiers and civilians.

Claiborne has authored several books on spirituality and ministry including “Jesus for President,” “Becoming The Answer to Our Prayers” and “The Irresistible Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical.” In addition to his many publications, Claiborne has appeared numerous times on Tony Campolo’s blog “Red Letter Christians.”

Being as in-demand as he is, Claiborne has found social networking to be crucial to spreading his ministry. You can follow him on Twitter and Facebook or at

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