SGA recommends 100% wind energy

Due to students and SGA who have supported Eastern’s partial use of wind energy in the past, SGA recommends 100% wind energy.

The wind power will be purchased from Community Energy, Inc., a subsidiary of IBERDROLA.

“To our knowledge, Eastern University would be the first Christian college to be 100% wind powered,” according to CEI.

At an Oct. 23 SGA meeting, CEI. representative Byron Woodman spoke about the benefits of becoming 100 percent wind-powered.

Woodman assured the group that no noticeable changes will be made to the campus as a result of becoming completely wind-powered.

“There are probably less than five colleges that are 100% wind powered in the country,” Woodman said.

The student support of wind energy has come from the optional donation of $24, which appears on the student bills, and also from a set amount of money Eastern pays.

Senior Drew Howe, who has been very involved in getting the campus all wind-powered, said the matter will soon be brought before Eastern’s leadership board. He said he is confident the board will approve Eastern’s going all wind energy.

Eastern will not pay more after becoming all wind-powered; the donation price will not change, and supporting wind energy would still be voluntary, according to Woodman.

The use of wind energy has always been supported by the students, which is why Eastern has faith that this decision will be supported, even with the influx of new residents with the building of the new residence hall this year.

“We will hope students will talk to other students about our responsibility as Christians and concern for the environment,” Bettie Ann Brigham, vice president of student development, said.

Student awareness groups on campus, such as SPEAK, are supportive of this change, because of its positive effects on the environment.

According to, wind energy is a healthier choice for the environment, because pollution is not caused by the wind farms where the electricity is produced.

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