Students Against Human Trafficking (SAHT) is a relatively new club at Eastern University. The club was formed last spring by a number of students passionate about ending human trafficking not only overseas, but in our own cities. The members’ main goal is to bring awareness to the atrocity that is the selling and extortion of human beings.

SAHT was founded last year by Senior Jillian Littrell, who decided to start the club after transferring to Eastern. “I knew Eastern was a community concerned about injustices but was surprised to find there were no clubs devoted to the issue of human trafficking-so I decided if no one else has done it, I will” says Littrell. She was quickly flooded with e-mails from students interested in helping to form the club.

Another residing board member to SAHT is sophomore
Samantha Rosenfeld. She spent two months of this past summer in Phuket, Thailand, forging relationships with women that are employed in the sex tourism industry. “This experience has fueled my passion for ending this terrible injustice once and for all,” says Rosenfeld.

During the course of the school year, SAHT will be offering opportunities for students to volunteer and work alongside different organizations in Philadelphia that are combatting the sex trade. The club’s biggest hope is to make Eastern aware of human trafficking’s prevalence through educational activities, and to show God’s hand in their efforts. “We are a club whose desire is to gain Christ’s perspective, to align our hearts with His and to respond to His nudging for the things that mourn His heart,” says Littrell.

The club is excited for what this year’s efforts will bring to Eastern’s student body. “We hope to show Eastern as a whole that no one’s life is to be taken for granted, and we can have a hand in changing the course of this spreading ‘disease’ if we just try!” says Rosenfeld.

For students who want to get involved, SAHT meets every Monday at 7:30 p.m. in Gough Seminar Room. Contact club leaders Jillian Littrell ( or Lauryn Hilpmann ( with any questions or for more information.

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