Ruth Robinson’s review of “Dewitched” by Tom Baker

Dear Sir/Madam

I was dismayed to stumble across your contributor, Ruth Robinson’s review of Tom Baker’s book. I was disappointed to see her come down so unthinkingly and wholeheartedly on the side of the bigotry, scare-mongering and wilful misunderstanding that defiles every page of this unfortunate tome. But I had at the back of my mind some small consolation in the thought – albeit only half-acknowledged- that this was no doubt some semi-literate fundemental halfwit from some rural backwater. Imagine my surprise and consternation to realise that in fact, this was a contributor to a college publication. A college. I am from Ireland which has the highest standard of youth education in Europe. Here a college means something. It is a temple of learning. It is not a refuge for bigotry. How sad that your paper and one presumes, by extension, the college system it represents is content to allow unchecked such breathtaking sectarianism in this day and age.

I remain, in disgust

Gearoidin Ni Bhroinn, BAC, P n hEireann

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