Roller hockey aims for club status

Eastern offers a variety of activities, clubs, teams and groups to satisfy its talented and diverse undergraduate student body.

Some organizations, such as the Student Government Association and the Student Activities Board, have faculty advisers and official meeting times and receive financial support from the institution.

However, there are other clubs and groups that are created, organized and led only by students. There are even some student groups that are unofficial, unfunded and unknown to the rest of the Eastern community.

One of the latter groups is the newly created roller hockey club. On average, seven to ten Eastern men lace up their skates, grab their sticks and head to the recreational gym almost every Monday, Wednesday and sometimes even Thursday nights to play.

These energetic and athletic students bring different levels of playing experience to the court. Some have played for as long as they can remember, and others put on a pair of skates for the first time this semester.

Junior player Chris Grieco appreciates the range of experience.

“The mixture provides new players with a chance to learn from the more experienced guys who are more than happy to pass the knowledge along,” he said.

Recent interest from first-year students in the game of roller hockey encouraged Grieco’s long-time desire to form a club.

As a junior, it was not until this year that Grieco felt there was enough interest and motivation from others to take action and make their informal team an official club.

The reason for starting the club was simple. “We love the game and want to play it competitively, representing our school,” Grieco said.

Although the players love the sport and enjoy playing for fun, they have a desire to become an official club, according to Grieco.

He said the roller hockey team would gain recognition and support from the rest of the Eastern community as a club.

If the team receives an official title, word of the roller hockey team could reach more students and prospectives who may have an interest in the game.

Becoming an official club would also help the team receive respect. They would no longer need to fight as much for gym time and would have a place to hold meetings and practices.

As a club, the team would also obtain some funding from Eastern, Grieco said.

For now, players communicate via the Facebook group, “2 Hot 4 Ice: Eastern Roller Hockey.”

This group gives the players an opportunity to discuss playing times and to share other information and tips.

With any luck, the group of guys now skating around the recreational gym will represent the university in official competitions around the area in the near future.

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