Ring by Spring

It’s spring again. The weather is warm, there is an excuse to wear shorts and more than just the sun is sparkling. Engagement rings have been making an appearance in the unusually warm weather and, now, both pollen and love are in the air.
There is a term for this phenomenon: “Ring by Spring.” It was originally used in the 50s to refer to girls who would go to college for the sole purpose of seeking financial stability by marrying before graduating. Over the years, however, couples have become less concerned with their future financial portfolios and more focused on the marriage itself.

Over the past few weeks, Eastern has become a romantic’s paradise, as increasing numbers of engaged students roam campus hand in hand. To them, a “ring by spring” is much more than a means to a successful financial future. It is the beginning to a fulfilling life with the ones they love.

When Professor Moser separated his class into groups, he had no idea that he was playing matchmaker. During their first year at Eastern, Bri Hall and Michael Ozaki were placed together.

“I thought he was kind of lame,” Hall says, recounting her first reaction to Ozaki. However, love blossomed over the next three years and, during Hall’s senior year, Ozaki proposed.

“I was going up my driveway and I noticed that he had lit candles along the way,” Hall said. Also along the way were family members and close friends-each there to read a quote about love. At the end of the path, Ozaki was there to propose.

“To me, (preparing for the future) is so much more than wedding planning,” Hall said. “We get to talk about difficult things like budgeting and where we would like to live. I find that exciting.”

Senior Erin DeLyles agrees. DeLyles says that she did not go into school with the goal of meeting a husband, but she was delighted to say “yes” to Jordan Babon while at Eastern.

“I’m glad that I came here, because I knew that if I were to become engaged, I wanted him to be a Christian,” DeLyles said.

Unlike many of their predecessors, both Hall and DeLyles are looking past their nuptials and into married life, proving that there is so much more to a relationship than getting a ring by Spring.

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