Precious Movements

They dress in all black, wear white gloves and paint their faces. They make exaggerated hand gestures, but their voices are silenced. They are Precious Movements.

It began five years ago with a group of four alumni. They wanted to practice a new way of worship. Now, twelve students are the only mime ministry on campus, dedicated to creating movement to songs to add a new dimension to the worship experience.

Sophomore elementary education major Vickie Grant considers the white face paint and gloves to not be as sinister as it can appear at a glance.

“It brings a unity to the group,” Grant said. “We have a lot of girls from different nations and it’s like we are moving in one body.”

Senior education major Nikita Bates started as a first-year. She is now considered an overseer in the group.

“We cover ourselves and purify our hands so people can focus on the message of music,” Bates said.

First-year music education major Olivia Bellard is a new member but has a history in gospel miming from her home church. She appreciates the unity in Precious Movements.

“They [upperclassmen in Precious Movements] are strong in the Lord,” Bellard said. “It’s not freshman in the back and the seniors in the front.”

“We truly focus on making sure that people don’t see us, but that they see Jesus through us,” Bates said. She thinks the white face paint hides their individual identities so that Precious Movements can become one unit.

Bellard’s major gives her a unique appreciation for music.

“I feel that it [miming] fills in gaps that the song doesn’t reach,” Bellard said. “I would love for people to be more open to it.”

As Bates nears the end of her senior year, she reflects on her four-year involvement with the group.

“I’ve seen the ups and downs of this ministry,” Bates said. “I will miss Precious Movements very much.”

But the group will surge in the fall under the leadership of Grant and sophomore Ruth Portnoff. If you are interested in joining Precious Movements this fall, information will be available in September.

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