Precious Movements’ embody God’s word in their annual concert

“Take off your grave clothes and step into your rebirth.”

This was the theme of Precious Movements’ 3rd Annual Concert on Feb. 23, which was held in the gym. This year’s theme, taken from John 11:38-44, was a collaboration of a majority of members.

“This theme needed to be heard because we often forget as Christians that we deal with sins,” junior Nikita Bates, the praise dance leader, said. “It is simple to overlook our faults and our past sins. In the end, God forgives us, but we should forgive ourselves and move on to a prosperous life. Plus, walking into your rebirth is refreshing, and it opens the door to new opportunities.”

Sophomore Co-Mime Leader Sabrina Hudson added, “I believe it is time for many of us to take off the baggage that is weighing us down and walk with Christ with liberty.”

Upon entering the gym, each guest was invited to write what was weighing them down onto a piece of white fabric. Then they were encouraged to forget or release these things for the night and to rejoice in God.

The Precious Movements Ministry began with a vision among four women, and now it has grown to 15 members.

“I believe that through mime we become intimate with God,” Hudson said, “and it is evident that we have grown spritiually over the years.”

Other ministries also performed, including Angels of Harmony, DEC Youth and Young Adult Worship Team, Holy Expressions Mime Ministry, Image of Christ Mime Ministry, Monielle, Silent Praiz, Talitia and Company, Vessel and Unspoken Word Dance Ministry.

Though each ministry was similar in costumes and movements, the overall message and effect of each piece was diverse and touching.

Unlike Precious Movements, however, these other ministries included both male and female performers.

This year’s concert was particularly special because one of the founders graduated in 2006 and two of the other founders are graduating this May. At the end of the concert during the last song “My Life Will Never Be The Same,” the founding leaders publicly announced who their successors were going to be, and formally, but emotionally, stepped down.

“We danced our leadership down to the new leaders of Precious Movements ’07-08,” senior mime leader Sharina Taylor said. “That song gave us a glimpse into how God will continue to mature us as Precious Movements.”

Though there were many technical problems throughout more than half of the concert, the overall response from the audience after each song was tremendous.

“Even though the music failed in the beginning, it just proved to us [Precious Moments] that God was still in control,” Bates said.

Throughout the concert, the audience was mesmerized by the graceful body movements as well as the moving lyrics to the music. A particular favorite was “Here I am to Worship.” In this piece, both praise dancers and mimers worshipped together in one song, creating a very memorable occasion for the friends and family who were in attendance.

Rather than just a concert, Precious Movements provided a night of praise and worship to God for all who attended. To put icing on the cake, they also incorporated a song in which the audience was invited to dance with the ministry.

At the end of the night, both smiles and tears were shed, but all in all, the night proved to be a success for all involved.

“We have grown spiritually as a group,” Bates said, “and [we] have really worked together and formed a great sisterhood.”

“To me this concert can be compared toi a good book,” Taylor said. “For the leaders, it’s the closing of a chapter, and for the new leaders, it’s the beginning of a new one.”

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