PowderPuff Pushes Past Problems

Powder Puff is a sport that is being re-charged after a bad season last year. The girls’ flag football team here at Eastern had many miscommunications that president and head coach for the E.G. Griffins, Michael Montgomery, would like to change. He was shocked when he found out that no one had requested for PowderPuff to be available this semester. He decided to take the idea and pick it up once again. In previous years, every hall was represented by a team of about 12 to 13 girls. This plan did not work well this semester, so now some halls are combined. The team name for each hall is as follows: Doane is the Doane Devil Dodgers, Kea-Guffin are the K.G. Good Girls, Sparrowk, Gallop and Hainer are combined to form the Gainer Sparrows, and Eagle and Gough also combined to form the E.G. Griffins. One thing that Montgomery wants to emphasize more in the practices is the rules for the girls’ safety.

“The girls’ safety is the priority,” Montgomery stressed. He goes over the rules for thirty minutes before their games and asks the girls if they have any questions about them, so that they are prepared on the field. In the past, there have been injuries that the coaches for each team want to avoid. To aid in that cause, there are Offense and Defense coordinators on the teams that help the girls learn the strategies for a good game.

The season has already begun. Practice is not mandatory, but teams do meet twice a week, in different places and times depending on the team. Their games are usually on Saturdays on the turf near Gough Hall.

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