Player Profile: Emily Reeser

For first-year Emily Reeser, basketball has always been her sport since she began playing at the age of six. Since then, she has not stopped.

“I was really young and this paper came out in school about basketball, and my dad asked if I wanted to try it,” Reeser said. “I was like yes I’ll try and then I played every day.”

Reeser was recruited to play for the Eastern women’s basketball team while she was a student at Abington Senior High School, where she played basketball all four years.

“College basketball is much quicker and more frustrating,” Reeser said, “and the skill level is a lot different.”

So far this season, Reeser, who is currently the third highest scorer for the Lady Eagles, has played in every game and started in all but one.

As a starting point guard for the Lady Eagles, Reeser has experienced a lot of playing time this season and truly enjoys playing alongside her teammates.

“The team, all the girls individually, they each have something great about them that I find to be unique and inspiring,” Reeser said.

Reeser will continue to be an asset to the team as she plans to play for the Lady Eagles all four years while at Eastern.

In describing why she loves basketball, Reeser said that the game causes her to feel free. “The court is my way of getting out my frustrations and not having to worry about anything.”

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