Planetarium hosts East-Coast debut of show

Eastern University will be home to the East Coast debut of “The Zula Patrol: Under The Weather,” a television show that has become a domed adventure.

The show is aimed at younger children, but according to observatory administrator Steve Sanders, everyone can learn something from it.

Produced in conjunction with E&S Spitz Creative Media, a leading producer of programs for fulldome theaters, the show centers around weather patterns on planets in battle between good and evil.

The characters are interstellar heroes who travel the universe, making sense of its intricacies. They have the ability to store four different kinds of weather through the incredible gift of their pet Gorga. Through a series of events, Gorga’s powers are given to those who would only use it for evil.

The Zula Patrol must stop weather patterns from being stolen and regain the friendship of their pet Gorga, maintaining peace in the solar system.

The show demonstrates multiple weather patterns and occurrences on a variety of different planets, each with its own unique system. This cartoon-based educational tool is something that Eastern’s science department is excited about, especially following the success of the Black Hole show last spring.

According to Sanders, in comparison with the Black Holes presentation, “The Zulu Patrol” is much lighter. Though it is not as in-depth, the teaching potential is still high. Where the previous planetarium display may have challenged the understanding of many people, “Zulu” is guaranteed to be both simple and entertaining.

“The Zula Patrol: Under The Weather” will be showing for three weekends. Tickets for the show are currently on sale, and a reservation is required because there is limited seating.

Be a part of this unique event at Eastern University’s Julia Fowler Planetarium. Come, learn and be entertained.

“The Zula Patrol:?Under the Weather”

Dates: Sept. 7 and 8, 14 and 15, 21 and 22Times: 7 and 8 p.mCost: $5

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