Pipes replaced after main break

On the morning of September 29, a water main break outside of Gallup Hall caused all water to be cut off in Gallup and McInnis Learning Center. Water was restored by that night, but Gallup residents were without water for the day.According to Rob Smith, Director of Campus Services, the break was caused by irritation in the four-inch PVC pipe that feeds water to Gallup and McInnis.”It’s a 19-year-old pipe, and a schedule 40 service line, which is not best for water, ” Smith said. “Schedule” refers to the thickness of the pipe. Smith added that the pipe was replaced with a schedule 80 pipe, doubling its thickness. “We’ll also be replacing 60 percent of the water line between [Gallup] D and the main water meter pit,” Smith said. He added that Campus Services plans to isolate the Gallup and McInnis water lines, so that one line breaking will not affect the other buildings. “We expect [a water main break] from time to time,” Smith said. “It’s the nature of the beast. There’s no preventative maintenance we can do.”Smith was very positive about the last water main break.”We appreciate everyone’s patience,” he said.

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