Pick your own price: Radiohead takes new approach to album release

Every time that free download button is clicked, somewhere there is a band that is not getting properly paid. Without even the aid of a record label (they split from EMI in 2005), this English rock band has devised a potential compromise.

The idea is this: if someone politely asks to make a trade, and even says that the other party can name the terms, how can they be refused?

Radiohead’s seventh studio album, “In Rainbows,” is available in two formats. The first is a discbox: a slipcovered, hardback book with?a copy of the album both on CD and on vinyl record. It also includes artwork, a second CD with extra songs, photos and more artwork, a lyrics booklet and a digital download. The CD without the additional materials is not yet available for purchase.

The second format is digital download, and this is the fun part: the price of the files is whatever consumers decide. To purchase the album, visit inrainbows.com, click on the download button and enter whatever you would like to pay.

Information obtained from inrainbows.com

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