Photography display in McInnis

The photographs Beth Altrogge currently has displayed in The Morgan Gallery, located in McInnis Learning Center, comprise her first solo exhibit ever. The exhibit, titled “Losing Ground,” consists of 14 unique and creative photographs.

Altrogge, originally from Indiana, Pa., is currently living in Philadelphia and working at David Sacks Photography Studio. Altrogge did not study photography in college, but the experience that she gained while working at the studio has influenced her art greatly.

Altrogge has been taking photographs her entire life and became interested in the artistic side of photography during her senior year in high school.

“I have to take photos,” Altrogge said. “It’s part of me–it helps me to live.”

Photography helps Altrogge capture life and share with others the way she views everything around her. When people look at her work, she hopes they enjoy what they see.
“I want to get them thinking about things,” she said. “If they don’t think when they look at my photography, it’s fine, as long as it makes them feel–feel anything.”

The art that Altrogge creates shows a lot about how she feels. However, everyone looks at her pictures with different eyes, creating a unique meaning for each individual. Her photographs mean a lot to her in a way that she could not put into words.

Music professor John Greenland is in charge of the Morgan Gallery and chooses which artists to feature. Greenland chose Altrogge because Dave Campbell, the last artist to share his art in the gallery, knew her and suggested her photographs be displayed.

Greenland is always looking for more artists to volunteer to put their artwork in The Morgan Gallery.

If you have not yet viewed Altrogge’s photographs, you are certainly missing out. When viewing the exhibit, make sure to check out “By the Hour.” This piece is her favorite photograph on display.

 “I am super grateful to Eastern for giving me this opportunity,” Altrogge said. “It is very kind of them.”

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