Patrons get what they pay for at Tom Jones Family Restaurant

From the outside, Tom Jones Family Restaurant, looked like nothing special: a brick box with big windows and a sign that could be decades old.

Inside, the place was grungy and worn looking. The dessert case was displayed in the waiting area, and it was filled with sundae dishes of red, green, yellow and orange Jell-O.

The seating area was filled, and there was a waiting list – at 10:15 on a Friday night! At least 30 people including young parents with their children as well as groups of teenagers waited to be seated when I walked in with my six friends. I was surprised when we were seated in 15 minutes.

We received speedy service, especially for a Friday night. As soon as we were seated our waitress got us our drinks. I was sharing my Belgian waffle with a friend, and the waitress brought it out on separate plates for us.

Tom Jones offers a variety of breakfast and dinner foods; however, they are known for their “Blue Ribbon Special.” This legendary breakfast special gets the diner coffee, juice, two fresh eggs, two hotcakes, two sausages, two pieces of bacon and toast upon request for $2.79. The plate is filled. However, when I tried a hotcake from this plate, it was cold and spongy, and it was the bottom pancake.

Of the items that my table ordered, my favorite was the Sir Chicken sandwich, a grilled chicken breast on a bun with lettuce and other condiments. It was tasty and fresh. The French fries were decent but they could have been crispier. My Belgian waffle left me unsatisfied; the strawberry topping was flavorful, but the actual waffle was lacking in taste.

While their prices are reasonable (the average price for a breakfast plate or a sandwich is around $3.00), you must spend at least $2.79 a person if you want to sit down. We had four more people join us later in our meal, and our waitress was quick to make us aware of this requirement.

I was satisfied that I was able to stick to my college budget and spend $5.00 on my meal. I recommend Tom Jones to the college student who is ready to experience something new or one who simply wants an inexpensive meal.

In the two hours that we spent there, I saw several groups of Eastern students coming in for something to eat.

You must be aware, however, that you are guaranteed to leave the diner smelling of smoke. It is not a recommended dining option for asthmatics.

Nor would I bring my parents here because it was old and looked to not have been renovated to keep up with the changing times. It reminded me more of a hang out place than a family restaurant.

I plan on going back sometime with my friends and will probably get the Sir Chicken sandwich.

You can find Tom Jones Family Restaurant at 4417 Edgemont Avenue in Brookhaven. It is open 24/7 and takes about 20 minutes to drive there from Eastern. I recommend that you go with someone who has been there already.

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