Patronage (From a Distance): How to be involved in the arts during COVID

In times of stress, what do you turn to? Do you read your favorite book or visit an art exhibit? Do you listen to music alone in your room? No matter what you turn to, many stress relieving arts activities have been postponed, canceled, or modified due to the pandemic. So how exactly can you stay creative in COVID?

The Philadelphia Museum of Art has reopened on Sept. 6, but the museum still plans on hosting online exhibits for those who are at risk or who would like to stay home. There are fourteen online exhibits that are currently available for the public’s viewing.

For those of you who would like to visit the museum in person, students with valid IDs get a discounted
rate of $14, and the museum recommends booking your tickets in advance. For more information, visit

If going to the movies is more your stride, fear not, because the Philadelphia Film Society has your back. Before COVID, PFS was known for showing mainstream, indie, cult and international films at the Roxy in Rittenhouse and the Philadelphia Film Center in Center City.

To keep cinephiles entertained, PFS has curated a number of films for virtual viewing, as well as a select few features at a drive-in at the Navy Yard. Each of the virtual films cost $10 to watch, and 100% of those
proceeds go to PFS. If you’re interested in film and want to know more, visit

On Eastern’s campus, many students flock to Wednesday Night Worship to relieve their stresses, connect with the Lord and sing their hearts out. This year, Wednesday Night Worship is being held two ways: live in person on Olsen Field, or online via Zoom.

The Wednesday Night Worship team is working very hard to make sure everyone has the opportunity to sing their hearts out and glorify God. The next Wednesday Night Worship will be at 9 pm this upcoming

Of course, you can always indulge in your favorite form of art therapy in your room with your roommates. My favorite form of art therapy is cross-stitching dorm
decor for friends on campus.

DMC, one of the leading embroidery and cross-stitch companies in the United States, has made it easy to cross stitch from home during COVID. Many cross-stitch patterns are now free on their website (, and most of their thread is under one dollar. Any orders over $30 qualify for free shipping.

I can’t talk about supporting the arts without talking about us here at the Waltonian. We come out with new issues every two weeks, and we love having new readers and writers. You can always find copies in Walton Hall, Warner Library and McInnis Hall. If you would like to write to us, send us an email at We would love to hear from you!

Whether you are virtually seeing an art exhibit, watching a movie, glorifying God through song, or cross-stitching in your room, you can always be creative. Despite the pandemic that has limited our lives, you can always hum a tune or doodle on your notebook to relieve some stress.

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Film Society, DMC

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