Out on the town: Restaurant Review: Ortlieb’s Jazzhaus

Few things are more relaxing than kicking back with good friends and good drinks to listen to live jazz, but there are better places out there to do it than Ortlieb’s Jazzhaus, a small bar tucked away in Philly’s Northern Liberties neighborhood.

Ortlieb’s features live jazz in a somewhat cramped dining room, which adds to the nice hole-in-the-wall atmosphere.

The live music is well performed and personal (anywhere you sit will be next to the stage), but there are extended dead times between sets. You may spend up to a third of your night at Ortlieb’s without hearing any music.

Unlike most Philly bars and clubs, the clientele ranges from senior citizens to college kids, and even a few that are probably too young to legally be inside.

There is no cover charge, but that does not make up for the price of food and drink, which is on the expensive side. Entrees range from $15 to $20-plus, and drinks are pricey as well.

Additionally, it is located far from the rail lines, so it will sap away even more of your hard earned gas money.

Ortlieb’s is nice for a change of pace and atmosphere, but there are other jazz bars in Center City with more convenient locations and better prices for refreshment.

Check the website at www.ortliebsjazzhaus.com for directons, history and a menu; but be warned: actual prices are a few dollars more than advertised on the website.

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