On the Same Page with Your SGA

Most likely you have searched high and low to figure out how the process works and what being an official SGA sponsored club entails. Did you know that in order to meet on campus and be a club you do not have to receive recognition by SGA? There are many clubs on campus that are under the umbrella of being an SGA sponsored club, but believe it or not, not all of them are.

The process of becoming a club is just that, a process. There are committees that meet, questions that are asked, and constitutions written. The process is worth going through because you will have support of an official Eastern University sponsored organization as well as funding that comes from the university as a whole. For those students on campus that just want to meet, fund-raise money, and change the campus for the betterment of the community, no process is necessary! My personal suggestion would be to grab some people with similar interests in your cause, meet and then change the world. If you find that you need further support feel free to come and ask SGA for funds or sponsorship.

Another little known fact is that you do not need to be an SGA sponsored club to come and ask SGA for financial support. We exist to assist others in succeeding. If you have something you want to do for Eastern University and need support financially feel free to contact SGA for information on how to come present in a meeting.

There have been many clubs that have started this year because of this very process, such as Newman Club and Eastern University Philosophical Society, to name a few. Please contact Alleigh Riggs (chiefjustice.sga@gmail.com), Chief Justice, for further information on becoming a club or requesting funds.

Contributed by Alleigh Riggs

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