New Year, New Me!: A student reflects on conquering her New Year’s resolutions.

New year, new me! I am sure you have heard this saying one time or another.  Before the start of every year, people usually make a list of goals or “bucket-list” items that they hope to achieve.  

This urge that most people feel stems from the fact that humans love the idea of a fresh start.  An opportunity to set themselves up for success, a happier life or build new habits.  I always find these aspects of human nature to be so fascinating.  Humans strive to grow, change or become the best version of themselves.

However, with this motivation comes the fear of failure.  People, myself included, set goals for themselves, and then, not even two months into the year, completely forget about the goals, aspirations or habits they wanted to build. 

You may have heard of the “January Firsters”. The people who decide that 2022 will be the year they finally get their health in order.  However, after about a month, stop going to the gym.  Or sometimes, don’t even build up the courage to go in the first place. 

This group of people then wonders why they could not conquer their resolution.  I too used to wonder why I could not attack my resolutions.

However, last year I made it a goal of mine to be consistent.  My resolution was not to be more fit, to read more or even go to bed at a decent hour.  Instead, my resolution was to make sure whatever I did was consistent.  

2021 was the year I started taking my health more seriously.  And to be honest, it was not until Jan. of 2022 that I realized why I was finally able to be healthy.  When I started going to the gym last year, I made a point to set little goals that were attainable.  

For example, I made a goal to go to the gym three times a week.  I set this goal each week, and then eventually, got to a point where I wanted to go more. Then, I was going four times a week. Then five times. Then six times. Then I had to learn what rest days were.  I found that as I kept going to the gym more, I also needed to give my body time to rest and recover.  

Now, as I stand at the beginning of another year,  I think to myself, “I owe all of that to being consistent.” 

I found that it did not matter what I did at the gym, but as long as I showed and did the work, I accomplished my goal.  

As 2022 begins, I hope to encourage you to be consistent. It doesn’t matter what your goal is.  Break it into little pieces and make sure you check it off your list.  If you want to see progress, if you want to grow or if you want to learn a new skill, you need to show up for yourself.  If you can show up for yourself, and be consistent, then you will look at yourself a year from now and see a version of yourself that has not only grown, but flourished. 

Photo: eedwards24/Instagram

Jayme running on the beach in Cape May, N.J.

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