New Waltonian editor says hello

Dear readers,

With a new year comes new faces, and the Waltonian staff is no different.

While we have our regulars eagerly returning, in general Eastern’s newspaper will be run by a group with fresh minds and even fresher ideas.

This year, articles will be written by new reporters and edited by new editors. New photographers will be snapping shots around campus. Even the deliverer of the Waltonian to Eastern will be new.

But fear not, gentle readers: we are still the same Waltonian that you know and, hopefully, love.

For one thing, there are still the same five sections: News, Features, Arts and Entertainment, Opinions and Sports. They will still have the same features: Security Report, Photo Caption Contest, For the Record and Eastern and Beyond.

However, a few new features will appear, including “Face in the Crowd,” profiles of people who are seen on campus and have stories to share. We are open to suggestions of who to cover, so by all means, shoot us an e-mail.

Also, the web will have a larger presence in the Waltonian, with more videos, more photos and more opportunities to leave comments. We now have not one, but two Flip cameras at our disposal, and we are looking into buying some microphones so our interviews will sound crisper – and louder.

The biggest change, however, can be stated in one word: events.

In years past, the Waltonian has been a publish-issues-biweekly-and-nothing-else kind of paper. But all work and no play made Jack a dull boy, so we are going to take a lesson from Jack and have some fun.

I can’t tell you what we’ll be doing yet, only because I haven’t figured out specifically what date or time or place everything will happen, but you should all know that it will be spectacular and, dare I say, magical.

That is the only hint I will give you.

I’m sure that many of you are wondering why we would go through so much trouble planning events when we haven’t in the past. The answer is this: our goal this year is to be more student-centered.

Sometimes in the rush of editing and designing and publishing, we forget that the Waltonian is first and foremost a student newspaper. I am determined to remember this important fact, so if that means hosting parties and generally having a bigger impact on the campus, then that is what we will do.

In the end, what makes a newspaper great is how its readers view it. That is why my goal as Editor-in-Chief is to draw in readers and have them talking about the Waltonian for years to come.
Keep reading.

-Chelsea Post

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