New Eastern Memes Page on Facebook

Do you find yourself even more distracted on Facebook lately?

This is probably due to the new Eastern memes that seem to be popping up everywhere.

A meme is, according to, a “cultural item transmitted by repetition.” Basically, they can take on many different forms but all communicate an idea, usually humorous and culturally relevant. The memes plaguing your Facebook feed have taken the form of pictures with white lettering. The phrases presented are typically some type of joke that communicates a “norm” here at Eastern.

Juniors Justin Frye, Mylon Weaver, and Josh Zimmerman created the “Eastern University Memes” Facebook page on a late night whim. They had noticed a few Eastern memes that had been posted on Facebook and decided it would be a good idea to make a page where they could all be gathered.
They created the first memes on the page. “The memes we posted on the page to get it started were inspired by things we think are funny and unique to Eastern,” stated Zimmerman. The trio also expressed simply that they thought it would be funny and a cool way for people to connect.

There’s no denying that the page has taken off with approximately 780 likes. The most popular meme caps off with a total of 166 likes, with several others trailing behind with around 40-70 likes each.

“We just want everyone to know that this is supposed to be a fun thing, not some place to just trash on people and groups,” stated Weaver. He also describes their humor as “only semi-serious and sarcastic.”

Anyone who likes the page is free to submit memes; they just ask that they are not vulgar or attacking of others. The page has already received a lot of attention; they are hoping the page stays inoffensive in order to avoid any chance of having to delete it in the future.

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